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Mighty Mahi, the True Story of a Sea Rescue Turtle

Written by Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw

Illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

Picture Book, 32 Pages


A green sea turtle spots something sparkly. But when he swims over, stringy stuff gets wrapped around his flipper. He can't get loose! Soon he's too weak to dive for food, or swim to the ocean surface for air. 


Exhausted, he struggles on to the beach to rest. There are more obstacles and changes waiting OUTSIDE his ocean home. With the help of veterinarians and volunteers at aquatic centers, Mahi eventually heals and is released back into the ocean. A hopeful, true story of persistence and survival.  

Mighty Mahi picture book
Jerome the Stone picture book
Jerome the Stone

Written and Illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

Picture Book, 32 Pages


Jerome the Stone sees butterflies, bees, and birds flying above him. "What do they see," he wonders. "I want to fly, too!" He tries to lean left. He tries to lean right. He tries to rock and roll. But try as he might, Jerome can’t get off the ground. 

Can Jerome the Stone defy the law of gravity? What outrageous adventures lay ahead? Join Jerome on his impossible, improbable, incredible journey. Not even the sky is the limit for him, for you, or for me.  

Jerome the Stone
Kate's Ocean picture book
Kate's Ocean

Written by Anola Pickett, Illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

Picture Book, 32 Pages

As her plane climbs into the sky, Kate waves goodbye to the ocean she loves. She also loves Grandpa and her new home on the Kansas farm, but she doesn't like the icy, cold winter. When spring finally arrives, Kate watches Grandpa plant seeds in his garden. Kate plants her seastones and waits, hoping to grow an ocean. Grandpa smiles. He knows Kate will not be disappointed.

What will Kate's garden grow? Experience her wonder in this charming book.

Kate Book
Suki and Sam picture book
Suki and Sam

Written by Dr. Lisa Marotta, Illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

Picture Book, 36 pages with counseling suggestions at the end

Samantha loves her dog, Suki. She also loves to paint. But when Suki get old and dies, Sam's grief washes all the color out of her world. Will Sam's world ever be normal again?

This tender picture book is for preparation and for healing for all ages, whether loss of a pet or loved person, a divorce, a move, a career change, or any of the other personal tragedies that you or your young ones will face. Every home, counseling office and library should have a copy of this book.

Suki Book
Joshua and the Biggest Fish picture book
Joshua and the Biggest Fish

Written by Kaylee Morrison and Nancy Smith

Illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

Picture Book, 32 Pages

On a fishing trip with his tribe, Joshua wants to catch the prize-winning fish. Maybe then everyone will stop calling him "cepane", or little boy. But Uncle John says the big fish are out in the deepest, most dangerous part of the river. Will Joshua find a way to accomplish his goals?

Check out this Native American story set in the first half of the 20th century, with historical references, cultural foods and language.  

Joshua Book
Camp Not Allowed chapter book
Camp Not Allowed

Written by KL and Nancy Smith, Illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

Chapter Book, 48 Pages

Kat and Tanya are bored with the usual summer games. They want to join the neighborhood boys, who have a real teepee in their backyard. The boys refuse, saying it’s for Native American boys only. The girls resort to blackmail. “Chief” Randy will not surrender, and creates three initiation tests for them to pass. 


Can the girls pull a few tricks from their sleeve and become tribe members in this war of the summer?

Camp Not Allowed
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