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SUKI AND SAM. 32-page Picture Book.

Suki and Sam, a 32-page picture book. Sam loved to paint, and Sam loved her dog Suki.

One morning, Sam calls, but Suki doesn’t come...

Suki and Sam, picture book
Sam loves to paint.
Sam loves Suki.
Suki and Sam go on long walks.
Suki and Sam grow up together
Suki and Sam, back cover
Front Cover, Joshua...
Breakfast at Camp
Chopping Limbs
Fried Fish Feast

JOSHUA AND THE BIGGEST FISH. 32-page Picture Book. A historically based coming-of-age story about a Muscogee Creek native American. Some of the illustrations below.

CAMP NOT ALLOWED. A Chapter Book. It is summer time, and the (Native American) boys won't let the girls into the club. Hmmm. What can they do about that? Some of the illustrations below.

Camp Not Allowed Cover
Girls Spy on Boys
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